Digital intelligence and contactless technology services ensure the logistics of the Winter Olympics

2022-03-02 10:28 Economic Daily, China

During the #Beijing2022WinterOlympicGames,the distribution service #robots developed and manufactured by ShenzhenExcelland Technology Company not only ensured the logistics of the WinterOlympic Games, but also provided new standards of #digital intelligence andcontactless technological services.

It is reported that the robot products usedin the reception hotels of the Winter Olympic Games adopted multi-sensorintegrated technologies such as computer vision and laser, which can realizeauto navigation positioning, auto route planning, auto lift taking, autoself-charging and intelligent obstacle avoidance, and can flexibly complete thetasks of intelligent guest reception, luggage pick-up and distribution in thesmart hotel. At the same time, the design of enclosed electric dual-cabin notonly improved the distribution efficiency, but also reduced the pollution ofdust and droplets in the whole process, which can effectively ensure the healthand safety of the places.

-Reported By Economic Daily, China