Excelland Technology Provided Touch-free Deloivery Services Robots for XXIV Olympic Winter Games

2022-03-02 10:51 Economic Daily, China

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the distribution service robot developed and manufactured by Shenzhen Excelland Technology Co., Ltd. not only ensured the logistics of the Winter Olympics, but also provided new standards for digital intelligence and contactless technological services.

It is reported that the robot products used in the reception hotel of the Winter Olympics Games adopted multi-sensor integration technology such as computer vision and laser, which can realize auto navigation positioning, auto route planning, aut0 lift taking, auto self-charging and intelligent obstacle avoidance, it can complete guest reception and goods delivery in the hotel. At the same time, the design of enclosed dual-cabin not only improved the distribution efficiency, but also reduced the pollution of dust and droplets in the whole delivery process, which can effectively ensure the health and safety of the hotel places.

-Reported By Economic Daily, China