Excelland Technology won the 'Most Innovative Enterprise' Award

2021-12-09 10:42

December 5th 2021, the international Industry Talent Conference Technological Innovation Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. During the event, SDIC Human Resources Service, SDIC Innovation Investment Management   and Jingdata Institute announce the '2021 Chinese Technological Innovation Enterprises (Guangdong Province)list'.

Shenzhen Excelland Technology Co., Ltd. (Excelland AI) won the 'Most Innovative Enterprise' award among 1,356 companies.

Excelland AI has independent research and development ability in the commercial delivery robot. In the past three years, we have applied for more than 300 intellectual property rights, more than 200 of it are invention patents. In 2020, the company's R&D investment accounted for more than 30% of sum cost, R&D employees accounted for nearly half of all people in the company, which laid a solid foundation for the R&D ability.

The selection of this list aims to tap the most representative local enterprises through science and innovation. At the same time, the big data will identify the development characteristics and innovation advantages of local enterprises, help them explore the industrial directions, and offer targeted suggestions for the next step of enterprise development.

As the leading enterprise of delivery service robot, Excelland AI is one of the companies that can complete mass production and commercialization of unmanned delivery robots after its eight years of efforts in the industry. Excelland AI dedicates to promoting the commercial implementation of the unmanned technology in delivery scenarios l, providing reliable and stable robot solutions for worldwide customers.

With many experiences in robot R&D and superior product performance, Excelland AI has taken acknowledgment among customers, and become one of the leading enterprises within the indoor hotel and KTV delivery scenarios and outdoors delivery scenarios such as school and business areas.

Excelland AI launched three new products this year, including the 5th generation of Yomie—intelligent hotel service robot, the 5th generation of Yodee—KTV delivery robot, and the 3rd generation of Yogel—outdoor unmanned delivery vehicle, all of which have undergone mass production successfully. Those three new products could improve terminal delivery efficiency, and provide customers with a convenient and intelligent delivery service experience.

Technological innovative enterprises are not only the power source of the industrial revolution, but also the core element of urban economic development and innovation. Excelland AI uses its well-established technology to provide robot programs for many companies. Excelland AI's owned robots spread over more than 600 cities across the country and have worked with more than 8,000 customers to serve 800 million people.

Guangdong takes a critical economic mission as it is at the forefront of economic reform and opening up. With the full implementation of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area strategy, Guangdong has gathered innovative resources from a global perspective and built itself into a highland of technological and industrial innovation. Excelland AI will take advantage of scientific and technical innovation strength, empower the industry and help the rapid development of a new economy and new science in the future.