Yodee New Year's first show in 2022 Guangzhou Prolight+Sound Expo

2022-03-02 10:40

The 20th Guangzhou Prolight+sound (hereinafter referred to as 'the Exhibition') take place from 25th to 28th of February. As a global commercial robot delivery company, Excelland AI exhibited several robots and brought innovative human-robot interaction products to all on-site audiences.

Under the background of continuous iteration of digital intelligence technology and the pandemic, delivery service robot has been get broad development prospect in recent years. The audio and video entertainment industry users are mainly Gen-Z who prefer to seek, share and explore new things. More and more KTV venues have gradually adapted to the market needs, constantly improving store images and creating personalized entertainment scenes.

As an artificial intelligence enterprise providing unmanned delivery solutions for global enterprises and individuals, Excelland AI has reached strategic cooperation with more than 9000 stores, helping stores to improve their similar store images, decrease high labor cost and create more value for the store operation and empower KTV and entertainment industry. The Excelland AI robots also help stores foster a scientific and intelligent image, enhance users' willingness to share, improve repurchase rates and increase online exposure.

During the Exhibition, Excelland AI's new product- Yodee 5th generation, has attracted extensive attention.

In terms of storage, it could take 50kg load at maximum, 200L ultra-large storage space and adjustable trays to fulfill different delivery needs in scenarios like KTV, and restaurants. The 27-inch LED screen could serve as a publicity screen for merchants for store promotions. It has realized sealed delivery to ensure hygiene during the pandemic, reduce the wrong placement and promote service quality and efficiency.