Excelland AI Obtained Strategic Investment from BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group Again

2022-03-01 10:34

In January 2022, Excelland AI, the world's leading commercial delivery service robot company, announced it had obtained a new round of strategic investment from BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group. This is the second investment by BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group after the strategic shareholding of the two hotel giants- Huazhu Group and BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group, in June 2020, with Index Capital remaining as financial advisor.

In recent years, China's service robot industry has developed rapidly under China 2025 and Industry 4.0. With the intelligent upgrade of the hotel industry, robots are accelerating their penetration into the hotel scenario. Reducing delivery contact in the post-pandemic era also further promotes unmanned delivery robots to become the 'main force' of hotel services. After this financing, Excelland AI will further strengthen the commercial implementation of the hotel delivery service robot 'Yomie', establish a 'hardware+ software + service + ecology" system, and further explore the hotel robot market vigorously in virtue of the collaborative advantages with BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group.

Established in 2013, with a strong focus on promoting the commercial implementation of low-speed unmanned technology in the last 3 km and indoor terminal delivery field, with its digitalized technology production and operation management, Excelland AI has taken the lead in AI new construction and commercial service robot fields.

Complete product matrix to cover Indoor and outdoor scenarios

In 2017, Excelland AI launched its indoor delivery robot 'Yodee', which features entertainment and KTV scenarios; In 2018, Excelland AI's first outdoor delivery robot 'Yogel' was formally launched. In 2019, Excelland AI launched its hotel delivery robot' Yomie.' This company has completed the technological upgrade and scene expansion from indoor single floor to indoor multi-floor and then to outdoor semi-closed scene.

Excelland AI launched three new products (the 5th generation of Yomie, the 5th generation of Yodee and the 3rd generation of Yogel) in September 2021. In particular, the 5th generation of Yomie was further iterated based on previous technical advantages. It realizes a new concept by integrating services of 'customer demand App + delivery robot + intelligent delivery' and rebuilding terminal service. Meanwhile, the 5th generation of Yomie's sealed dual-cabin guarantees hygeian delivery, and the large back screen could show any digital advertisement.

Compared with the last generation, the 5th generation of Yomie has improved a lot in capacity, appearance and delivery ability. The high-loading seal cabin closed design demonstrates its efficient, safe and touch-free delivery service, which helps intelligent transformation of the entertainment and KTV industry. With a multi-sensor perception localization map tool and completed automatic drive closed-loop technology, the 3rd generation of Yogel unmanned delivery vehicles could ensure outdoor delivery services under any weather. It releases human power, connects the last 3 km outdoor terminal delivery, and empowers the digital and intelligent transformation.   

Diverse Technical Advantages Contribution

Based on providing technical support for NVIDIA in multiple years, Excelland AI has developed whole-stack software and hardware technologies, such as modular robot differential chassis, sports control, positioning and navigation, route planning and cloud network management system. The rapid implementation from design to mass production made Excelleand AI become a leading manufacturer within the industry. We select Nvidia Xavier's platform as the primary computing platform, which can rapidly help achieve commercial implementation in multi-scenario. At the software level, Excelland AI's multi-scenario commercial service robot whole-stack technology is packed with multi-sensor and deep machine learning architecture; the full technical capacity includes underlying navigation, integrating algorithm, application layer, background and cloud data. Multiple technical indicators have significantly exceeded the average industrial level, laying a crucial foundation for Excelland AI's rapid development.

Excelland AI has applied its robots widely in more than 600 cities and cooperated with over 9,000 customers, providing guidance and delivery services 250,000 times on average every day. It will further abide by the mission of 'Joy we forward,' innovating and empowering urban intelligent upgrading and industry's intellectual development by robot-focused production technologies and creating more value for the service robot field.

Li Xiangrong, general manager and CFO of BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group, pointed out, "Excelland AI has engaged in the service robot field for years and will keep developing and iterating products meeting user demand more in multi scenarios. The investment benefits both parties' further strategic cooperation and will accelerate BTG HOMEINNS Hotels Group intellectual development."