Excelland AI Helps Revive Japanese F & B Industry- Choushimaru Started Touch-free Meal Delivery Mode

2020-09-07 09:59 山田航也

According to the data released from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on September 1st, there were 50326 people laid off in Japan due to the impact of COVID-19 from the end of January to August 31st. Since the pandemic impact is still rising, the hotel, travel and dining business significantly. Since September, the 'GoTo Eat' Program that intends to support the catering business will encourage more people to dine out in restaurants and bring more guests at that time.

Significant changes have happened in the dining service to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread. Sushi Choushimaru Co., Ltd. (Choushimaru)   announced that they applied the 'automatic delivery robot" into Choushimaru Ya Narashino Store for touch-free meal delivery, for reducing touch and infection risk.


Before, the delivery robot mainly worked on the walking guide label installed on the ceiling. Such sensor route walking design led to high installation costs.   

Sushi Choushimaru Ya Narashino Store manager said, "The meal delivery robot is easy to operate. It walks flexibly and has tremendous obstacle avoidance ability. Not only can young people operate it, but it is also available for elderly employees and consumers. It is quite popular among children and domestic consumers."

This "Yomie" delivery robot supports independent interaction, auto navigation and positioning, route planning, obstacle avoidance, elevator taking, and auto charging based on AI algorithms and laser, visual,multi-sensor combined technology. Fully sealing cabin make sure the food delivery process is safe and clean.

The built-in ordering system in the front touch screen could pair with the meal order system. After guests place orders through the robot's front screen, waiters will choose a destination by clicking the screen and delivering a meal to the guest's seats.

The 46.5L storage capacity has three multiple layers for food placement. Meal delivery robot's application in the restaurant is a countermeasure against the epidemic and realizes simultaneous delivery by applying multiple robots to work more efficiently and reduce labor costs.

While the pandemic has not come to an end, there are increasing inquiries about delivery robots from all over the country as it will improve the efficiency in operations, reduce the cost and optimize the customer experience.

Link of Japanese report:https://robotstart.info/2020/09/07/autonomy-walking-robot-choushimaru.html