Excelland AI Launch Three New Products, reshape New Experience of Commercial Service Robot!

2021-09-10 10:38

The Excelland AI launched three new products at the World Robot Conference, Beijing, China on 10th of September, 2021. This time, we bring indoor delivery robot Yomie 5th and Yodee 5th, outdoor delivery veiclie Yogel 3rd generation.

As a star product of Excelland AI released within this year, Yomie 5th generation realizes the new concept of integrated brand-new hotel intelligent service by 'mini App + delivery robot + intelligent container'. With a larger capacity, more attractive appearance and more robust delivery capacity, the 5th generation of Yodee boosts the intelligent delivery in KTV and restaurant. The Yogel 3rd generation outdoor unmanned delivery vehicle releases human power and connects the last 3 km of outdoor terminal delivery.

The Yomie 5th Generation Upgrades Intelligent Hotel Service Experience.

Better serve the consumer security, comfort, personalized, intelligent requirements, ask hotel operation management and service experience upgrade.   

Inheriting the technical essence of previous generations, the 5th generation of Yomie empowers hotel technological and intelligent upgrading continuously. Compared with the previous generations, the 5th generation of Yomie has a smaller chassis, and the minimum passage width is increased from 80cm to 65cm at this time. It also has a larger load capacity which can easily fulfill delivery. Besides, the electric door will automatically open by pressing a button on the screen.

This upgrade is not only on the design and functional change but also by an integrated hotel intelligent service system: mini App + delivery robot + smart container, that will bring an intelligence new service criteria of hotel industry.

The 5th Generation of Yodee Boosts Intelligent Transformation in KTV

For KTV and restaurants, the increased labor cost and difficult recruitment are common problems for many business owners. However, the demand for unmanned delivery has shown quite large market requirements. The Yodee 5th generation could help them reduce cost, improve efficiency and realize intelligent transformation.

The double-open sliding door and ultra-large capacity improve space utilization rate. The 5th generation of Yodee has higher delivery efficiency and could deliver F & B for multiple rooms at one time, providing more advanced and intelligent user experience.

As a leading enterprise in the delivery service robot field, based on its multiple years of profound understanding of the demands of the catering industry and deep accumulation in R&D of intelligent robots, Excelland AI redefines the unmanned delivery in KTV and catering industry and helps diverse business places realize intellectual transformation and upgrading!

The 3rd Generation of Yogel Realizes Outdoor Smart Terminal Delivery.

Contactless delivery services have gradually become the mainstream and standard of the delivery industry, accelerating the recognition and popularity of unmanned vehicles in the delivery industry. The 3rd generation of Yogel can achieve more intelligent terminal distribution.   

The Yogel's design concept comes from modern vehicles. It can deliver 28 express or 50 pieces of takeaway at most. Deliveryman only needs to scan QR code on it and put goods or takeaway in locker and input recipient's contact number. Then Yogel will automatically go to recipients' places through self-navigation technology, and notice recipients pick up good and ask them to scan OR code to finish the delivery process.

Based on deep learning and 5G commercial unmanned delivery solutions, Yogel can realize seamless pair with unmanned delivery application scenarios in school or business areas.

During the exhibition, Excelland AI attracted many audiences and built a booth integrated with product display, experience, interaction and exchange. It delivered advanced intelligent service upgrading to the public, covered more tech-savvy consumer groups, designed a booth with a strong sense of science and technology, and held colorful immersive interactive activities to enhance the audience's experience.   

Since 2015, World Robot Conference has consolidated its status of an international event in the robot industry. It has become an important platform for technology, industry integration, technical exchange and application discussion. With a strong focus on supporting the service industry and improving brand market value through intelligent technological products, Excelland AI always endeavors to provide robot solutions for worldwide users.